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This anime-inspired NFT collection is a PFP powerhouse

Zac Glover
LILY NFT collection blog image on Phantom's website

    What makes a great PFP? Incredible art, unique traits, and relatable avatars. But that’s not all. When you look at your NFT, you should see yourself in it. Or, at least, see the identity that you want to represent you online. One project that does this exceptionally well is LILY—the 10K PFP collection on Solana.

    Here’s what you need to know about this PFP powerhouse.

    What is LILY?

    LILY Legendaries NFTs on thelotus.io website
    LILY Legendaries NFTs on thelotus.io

    LILY is a 10K PFP collection from infamous founder-slash-artist Bunjil (@bunjil). Crafted by hand and inspired by anime, its art is delightful, universal, and inclusive. Within the collection, you’ll find a diverse range of charming characters with unique looks and traits. Some are male. Some are female. Some have light skin. Some dark. But all appeal to someone.

    LILY NFT #6444 on Phantom's webstie
    LILY #6444
    LILY NFT #9268 on Phantom's website
    LILY #9268

    One of LILY’s best qualities is its relatability. With various outfits, skin tones, and facial expressions, its characters speak to a broad audience. Both black and white. Old and young. Silly and serious. Laid back and upbeat. However you see yourself, it’s likely you’ll find a LILY PFP that captures your essence.

    Another key aspect that makes LILY relatable (and beloved) are traits. There are 11: origin, background, hands, eyes, mouth, clothing, accessories, eyewear, hair, headgear, and aura. With so many different traits, it’s easy to find your personal combo. One that represents you. But you’ll also find wacky ones—a coffee-crazed office worker with neck tattoos, a red-coat-wearing baseball player, a broom-clenching smoker in a venusaur costume, and more.

    LILY #7634
    LILY #7634
    LILY #5225
    LILY #5225

    As such a polished project, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that LILY is a follow-up collection. Before LILY, Bunjil created Lotus Gang—a 4K pixelated PFP art collection. After its success, he released LILY to expand The Lotus brand and advance its vision to build the landing page of web3. The result? The Lotus Library, a hub of crypto information, research, and tools.

    Why collect LILY?

    Discover your digital identity

    LILY’s hand-drawn PFPs serve as awesome avatars. They’re diverse, expressive, and have a bunch of traits. With so many different combinations, you’re bound to find at least one that represents you. Scoop it up, set it as your profile picture, and show the world who you are.

    Screenshot of LILY NFT traits on tensor.trade
    LILY NFT traits on tensor.trade

    Connect with a community of “optimalists”

    LILY (and Lotus Gang) holders refer to themselves as optimalists. This means they strive for the best outcome—both for individuals and the collective. So, you’ll find them sharing knowledge, information, and resources freely. Join in, contribute, and keep the good vibes going.

    Participate in member shoutouts

    The Lotus often highlights members in “Gang Member Shoutouts.” In these promotional posts, you’ll learn about different holders, their skills, lessons learned, and fun tidbits such as their favorite movie and quote. Boost it with a like or retweet or request your own shoutout to be featured!

    How to get started with LILY?

    There are two ways you can get started with LILY: the free way and the paid way.

    Let’s start with the free way...

    The Lotus’s beautifully-designed website offers a variety of free community tools. In the Lotus Library, you’ll have access to a curated index of threads, papers, resources, and articles focused on Web3. Use it to discover new ideas and gain insights. Other than the Lotus Library, there are fun (and cheeky) tools such as the Cropinator, Vibeometer, and Silk Road, a single-player game to learn the basics of trading. Check them out. It won’t cost you anything but time.

    Okay, now for the paid way. To make the most of LILY, and all that its community offers, we recommend you get your preferred LILY PFP.

    Done? You’re now part of a community of optimalists. And you have a sweet PFP to show for it!

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