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Phantom charges a flat 0.85% transaction fee on swaps where both assets are included in the following list:

  • AAVE
  • APE
  • AXS
  • BAT
  • BLUR
  • COMP
  • DAI
  • ETH
  • FTM
  • LINK
  • MANA
  • MKR
  • SAND
  • SHIB
  • SOL
  • USDC
  • USDT
  • WBTC
  • Wormhole / Portal USDC
  • Wormhole / Portal ETH
  • Wormhole / Portal WBTC
  • Wormhole / Portal DAI
  • ZRX

Rates that appear in the Phantom application are calculated with fees applied. Fees are claimed in the form of the maker / Buy asset. Phantom reserves the right to modify these fees, and the pairs on which they are charged, at any time in its sole discretion. If fees or the pairs on which they are charged are modified, this page will be updated at least 24 hours prior to the effect of any such change.

Please see our Terms of Service for more information on fees.