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We're a team of designers, engineers, and former-founders building the first self-custodial crypto wallet designed for mass-adoption.

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We created Phantom to be the wallet we always wanted, a trusted companion that makes doing stuff with crypto an enjoyable experience. Three years later, and with more than seven million users, we've set the standard as the most friendly and intuitive multichain wallet.

Our mission is to make crypto safe and easy for everyone. Why? Because we believe in its potential to create a more open and equitable world— not just with tokens and transactions, but with the rich world of decentralized applications and NFTs that empower and enrich people’s lives.

Crypto—anytime, anywhere

We take pride in being a fully remote team, fostering collaboration and harnessing diverse talents from around the world. Our commitment to decentralization is at the core of our philosophy, empowering team members to contribute globally.

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We believe that combining great benefits that empower our remote workforce with intentional in-person interactions create a dynamic and supportive work environment. This approach ensures that our team thrives both professionally and personally, embodying the spirit of decentralization and global collaboration.

To enhance connection, and strengthen our team bonds worldwide, we organize two global offsites per year that provide valuable opportunities for our team to come together, share ideas, and build lasting connections.

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    Daily meal benefit
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    Unlimited PTO
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    Comprehensive health plans
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  • Global company offsites

    Global company offsites

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