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Introducing Auto-Confirm

Zac Glover
Phantom Wallet Auto-Confirm

    Web3 transactions can be a hassle.

    You have to manually sign and confirm each one. Over and over again. Click after click after click.

    Not anymore. Our new feature Auto-Confirm solves this.

    Do more with fewer clicks

    Auto-Confirm is our new beta feature to submit transactions and signed messages without triggering an approval dialog (you know, that transaction approval pop-up?). Rather than confirm each transaction one by one, Auto-Confirm signs transactions automatically in the background, saving time and reducing pop-ups and clicks while using your favorite apps.

    Note: For this beta launch, we’ve limited Auto-Confirm to a select number of trusted apps: Magic Eden, OpenSea, Star Atlas, Matcha, Jupiter, and Tensor.

    How it works

    To understand Auto-Confirm, it’s helpful to cover traditional web3 transactions.

    Before, every time you made a web3 transaction, you had to manually confirm them via a transaction approval pop-up. This slowed down the “checkout” process and added friction to your user experience.

    Now, with Auto-Confirm, web3 transactions are fast and easy. After turning it on, and signing once, you can freely transact. No transaction approval pop-up necessary. How? Because we confirm all requests and transactions for you—saving you time.

    It’s also important to note that Auto-Confirm is completely optional. As with our other features, you can decide whether to use it or not based on your own personal preferences and needs. We believe this gives you more control over your web3 experience and makes it more personal.

    Web3. But better and faster.

    Auto-Confirm improves your web3 user experience in a few key ways. Here’s how:

    Browse without interruption: Generally, when you visit web3 sites, you need to sign a message. Why? To show you trust the app. But with Auto-Confirm, you can sign once then browse freely.

    Make fast transactions: Another advantage of Auto-Confirm is that you can transact faster. Rather than sign every time you want to buy an NFT, you sign once then buy as many as you want. This helps you snap up NFTs and make last-second trades before the opportunity slips away.

    Do more in less time: By reducing the number of pop-ups, approvals, and clicks, you gain time. Time to browse the web, time to buy NFTs, and even, time to go outside and touch grass.

    How to turn on Auto-Confirm

    You have two options to turn on Auto-Confirm:

    Option 1: Turn on Auto-Confirm in Settings

    • Go to Settings
    • Click Connected Apps
    • Select the app you want to enable Auto-Confirm
    • Toggle Auto-Confirm to Active

    Option 2: Turn on Auto-Confirm when making a transaction

    • Initiate a transaction
    • You’ll see a transaction confirmation pop-up with “Auto-Confirm” set to “Off”
    • Click Auto-Confirm
    • Toggle Auto-Confirm to Active

    Once Auto-Confirm is on, you’ll be free to browse and buy without signing again for up to two hours. After that, it will automatically turn back off until you reenable it. With that said, you have the option to turn it on or off at will in Settings. Plus, you have the option to turn on Auto-Confirm for all networks at once or whichever one you want to use.

    How we protect you and your assets

    We brought back Auto-Confirm after implementing key safety features to protect our users.

    • 100% opt-in, enabled manually for each account and domain
    • Restricted to 6 trusted partners
    • Secure transaction scanning via Blowfish
    • Automatically turns off after 2 hours

    We've done a ton of work behind the scenes. Let’s dive in...

    6 trusted partners
    Auto-Confirm is locked down and restricted to a select number of trusted partners: MagicEden, Tensor, OpenSea, Matcha, Jupiter, and Star Atlas. These partners are committed to security and earned our trust to be included in our beta launch.

    Secure transaction scanning
    We scan transactions and messages with Blowfish. If we find anything fishy, we warn you via a pop-up alert so you can take a closer look, and if necessary, avoid the transaction altogether. If we can’t simulate it, we’ll return you to the normal confirmation flow. If something is wrong, we break out of Auto-Confirm and alert you.

    Blocking unauthorized requests
    We analyze signing requests and the domains sending these requests.
    Why? To block unauthorized access. If the app is on our allowlist (one of our vetted partners), we allow Auto-Confirm. If not, it’s completely shut out.

    Automatic 2-hour expiration
    Auto-Confirm expires after two hours so that it doesn’t continue to run in the background. Plus, it only runs on the tab that you set it on — not any others.

    100% opt-in with granular controls
    We built Auto-Confirm to be completely optional so that you’re in control. Don’t want to use it? No problem, it’s off by default. Want to try it out? You can start or stop a session whenever you want within Settings. Plus, you can turn it on/off for each blockchain individually or all at once. The choice is yours.

    Balancing security and speed is hard, but we believe Auto-Confirm gets it right. It makes it easier and faster to browse and transact while also mitigating potential risks. Plus, it’s completely optional so that you’re in control. Just how it should be.

    As always, we’ll continue to take the necessary measures to protect you and your assets so that you have a safe and fun experience exploring web3.

    If you’d like to learn more about our commitment to security, visit our security page.

    Looking ahead

    Auto-Confirm is an exciting step toward making web3 as seamless as web2. For now, we’ve chosen to start with a select number of vetted partners, but we’ll continue to add more in the near future. If there’s an app you want Auto-Confirm to expand to next, let us know on Twitter.