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NFT Collections, Localization, Moonpay, and more

Today we're rolling out some exciting new features in Phantom version 0.13.0! Everything outlined below is available for all users on Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge starting today.

Chris Kalani
    Phantom collectibles tab

    NFT Collections

    NFTs are now automatically grouped together by collection! We've also improved the overall loading performance and fixed the never-ending loading issues some users were experiencing.

    Phantom localization features


    The app is now available in 11 languages including Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. Go into settings to change your display language!

    Buy with MoonPay on Phantom

    Buy with MoonPay

    You can now buy SOL directly inside Phantom by using MoonPay! Reduce the number of steps it takes to get crypto into your wallet and buy instantly using a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Available in 160+ countries. Just click the "Deposit" button inside the wallet to start using MoonPay!

    Phantom wallet importer

    Improved Wallet Importer

    Now when you import a Secret Recovery Phrase you can choose which accounts you'd like to import. Previously, Phantom attempted to automatically detect accounts with SOL balances but often users had other accounts they wished to use. Now you have more control!

    Other Updates

    • 🆕 Our Phishing Blocklist repo is now open source!
    • 🆕 We replaced the Solana Explorer in favor of Solscan across the app
    • 💪 Standardized NFT viewer for square thumbnails
    • 🐛 Fixed issue where the Solana asset row would disappear
    • 🐛 Fixed OG tag issues so Dapps can properly set an app icon and title
    • 🐛 Added better error boundries to prevent app from crashing
    • 🐛 Fixed bug that prevented unstaking from offline validators
    • 🐛 Fixed display bug for 3D NFTs