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Partnering with Magic Eden to Push NFTs Forward

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Magic Eden, the leading Solana NFT marketplace.

David Wu
    Phantom partners with Magic Eden

    As two prominent pillars of the Solana ecosystem, Phantom and Magic Eden are in a unique position to collaborate and build innovative user experiences not only for our shared communities, but also for people new to Web3.

    For the first time ever in a crypto wallet, Phantom users can directly manage their listings on a NFT marketplace. As part of today’s roll-out, browser extension users will be able to list NFTs directly and exclusively on Magic Eden. Once listed, users can also seamless manage their NFTs by editing price and even un-listing. Mobile functionality coming soon!

    At the same time, Phantom users on mobile devices can also receive push notifications about their NFT bids and sales. For anyone using Magic Eden, Phantom will be the best way to stay on top of all your NFT activity.

    NFT listing management and rich push notifications are just the start of the features coming from our collaboration. The closer integration between Solana’s leading marketplace and wallet will unlock new and innovative ways for our community to continue to have the best NFT functionality in Web3.

    Even in this time of market volatility, Solana NFTs continue to show sustained and healthy activity from millions of Phantom users. In May, Magic Eden’s transactions on Solana eclipsed OpenSea’s transactions on Ethereum. By integrating more closely with Magic Eden’s marketplace of 7,000 collections, Phantom will be able to innovate on features that will help accelerate NFT adoption.

    Together with Magic Eden, we are excited add functionality for creators and collectors to bring more people into the dynamic world of NFTs.