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Phantom raises $9M from a16z, Variant, Jump Capital & more

We're proud to announce our $9M Series A, an investment led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from Variant, Jump Capital, DeFi Alliance, and the Solana Foundation. We're also thrilled to be joined by legendary investor Garry Tan and a host of experienced crypto-founders including Robert Leshner, Antonio Juliano, Forrest Browning, and Alex Adelman.

Will Thompson
    Phantom App Co-Founders

    Phantom is a team of designers, engineers, and former founders who have spent the past four years pushing the boundaries of decentralized exchange and blockchain application development. Together, we've built products with delightful user and developer experiences such as 0x API and Matcha.

    With this experience, we spent the past few months working on Phantom. Phantom is the crypto wallet we've always wanted to use - a modern product that makes doing stuff with your crypto an enjoyable experience. Together with a community of 40k active beta testers, we've been able to create something that users actually love and we're excited to take it to the next level.

    Phantom App

    Wallets are one of the first things people experience as they are introduced to the world of blockchains and decentralized applications. They have the power to make or break a user's experience with these applications and their underlying blockchains. As these new technologies begin to grow and mature, we're seeing an explosion of new applications and new blockchain networks stepping up to meet the pace of demand. It is the wallet's job to act as the gateway to this emerging multi-chain world and first impressions matter. It is Phantom's mission to deliver a thoughtfully crafted and user-first product experience that is prepared to onboard the next wave of crypto users.

    This infusion of partners, resources, and capital will help us deliver on two main priorities for the rest of the year. First, we want to continue to innovate on the Solana experience we offer today with the addition of in-wallet staking, integration of more markets and liquidity into the in-wallet swapper, more on-ramp options, mobile apps, and the addition of a seamless Solana / Ethereum bridge. Second, we will be introducing support for Ethereum and Ethereum-based L2's and sidechains.

    Our long term goal is to have Phantom be the first thing users reach for when they are interested in interacting with a decentralized application, no matter what blockchain it is built on. If you are excited about the prospect of raising the design bar for the crypto industry check out our open roles!