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Trade global real estate prices with Parcl

Zac Glover
parcl real estate

    What if real estate was as easy to trade as crypto? No down payments. No closing costs. No legal headaches. Just an open, global market that you can trade 24/7. One where you can get price exposure to the hottest cities around the world without ever living in them or owning property there. Now, you can, with Parcl.

    What is Parcl?

    Parcl is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading global real estate markets. Through perpetuals, financial instruments based on an underlying asset (in this case, real estate markets), Parcl allows you to buy, sell, and trade cities, such as Miami Beach and New York, right from your phone or computer. How? Through its Solana-based app which offers a real-time price feed, perpetuals trading, and Parcl Points.

    parcl real estate

    The foundation of everything Parcl does is built around its price feed. The Parcl Labs price feed aggregates more than 100 million datapoints every day to provide you with real-time prices on hundreds of markets around the world. The feed updates every 24 hours, and reflects the median price per square foot/meter, keeping you up to date with accurate pricing information.

    Building upon its real-time price feed, Parcl makes it easy to trade in and out of global real estate markets. With a few clicks, you can long and/or short markets such as Austin, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago with up to 10x leverage. Plus, being a blockchain-based project, its open for trading 24/7, unlike traditional real estate markets.

    Lastly, Parcl offers Parcl Points based on your activity. Every time you provide liquidity, trade markets, and/or refer friends on its app, you earn points. How much? The points vary, but generally you can earn up to three points per day depending on the activity. This is Parcl’s way of rewarding its most loyal, engaged users, and is rumored to be a consideration for a potential airdrop (although, nothing has been confirmed).

    As for its origin, Parcl was founded in 2021 by three former traditional finance (TradFi) and tech workers: Trevor Bacon, Kellan Grenier, and Jason Lewris. With their experience on Wall Street, they noticed the enormous potential of making it easy for people to get exposure to the $300 trillion real estate market without having to buy and manage a home or deal with the shortcomings of REITs. And thus, they founded Parcl.

    Parcl real estate

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    Trevor Bacon and Kellan Grenier, Co-founders - Parcl

    Why use Parcl?

    Trade global real estate prices

    Want to short New York? Long London? Or vice versa? You can on Parcl. Through its Solana-based DEX, Parcl makes it easy to bet on eight global property markets (with more coming soon). You’ll browse through available markets, place trades, and set your leverage based on how confident you are on a city’s future prospects, or lack thereof.

    Provide liquidity to earn yield

    Other than trading global real estate markets, you can also provide liquidity to earn a portion of trading fees on Parcl. How much? 80%. This is Parcl’s way of thanking you for being a key driver of liquidity on its platform. But it’s not the only benefit of doing so…

    Get rewarded with Parcl Points

    When you trade, provide liquidity, and/or refer friends to Parcl, you earn Parcl Points. Think of it as your score. It measures your contributions to the platform and ecosystem. For providing liquidity, you’ll earn 4 points per dollar per day. For trading, you’ll earn 2 points per dollar per day (plus leverage). And for referring friends, you’ll earn 10% of all the points they generate. Keep in mind that the more active you are, the more points you’ll earn.

    💡 Protip: Start trading and providing liquidity on Parcl as it may be a key consideration for a potential airdrop.

    Boost your points with Parcl’s NFTs

    Want to earn more points? Parcl’s got you covered. With its Homeowners Association (HOA) NFTs, you can accelerate your points accumulation. By holding at least one of the NFTs, which feature 3D homes set in different regions, you’ll earn more points for trading per square feet of real estate on Parcl.

    If you’re like amy, and many others that have given up on the idea of homeownership, this could be your chance to capture some of the (synthetic) upside.

    parcl real estate
    parcl real estate

    How to get started with Parcl?

    Unlike traditional real estate, with Parcl, you can get started with as little as $1.

    Here’s how…

    • Go to app.parcl.co
    • Connect your Phantom wallet (and sign a message to verify)
    • Choose a tradable real estate market
    • Select ‘Trade’
      • Note: You’ll need to create and fund your account.
    • Choose your long or short position and desired leverage amount
    • Preview your details, then submit!

    That’s it. You just placed your first trade on Parcl.