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BTC DeGods is a historic NFT collection on Bitcoin

Zac Glover
BTC DeGods Bitcoin

    After an NFT collection is born, it faces one of two fates: either it lives or it dies. But not DeGods. It not only continued to live and thrive on Solana (before migrating to Ethereum)(and now, back to Solana 😅), it also had a second coming on Bitcoin. Don’t believe it? We witnessed it, and we’re here to share the gospel with you.

    Here’s what you need to know about this historic NFT collection...

    What is BTC DeGods?

    BTC DeGods is a collection of 535 godly PFPs on Bitcoin. Originally created on Solana, and later burned as a tax against paper-handed owners, DeGods revived these NFTs to launch on Bitcoin. To pull off this bridge, DeGods worked with Bitcoin miner Luxor Technologies to recreate all 535 NFTs in one single block: block 776408.

    BTC DeGods Bitcoin
    Inscription #77490
    BTC DeGods Bitcoin
    Inscription #77592

    The newly-resurrected DeGods were then offered in a public mint on March 17, 2023. Of the total supply, 500 were available to mint on a first-come-first-serve basis at 0.333 BTC. It only took three minutes for them to mint out. As for the rest of the collection, DeGods auctioned them off with 100% of the proceeds going to the DustDAO.

    Fun fact: The first BTC DeGod auctioned was Frank’s original PFP. It sold for 44256 $DUST ($79,926 at the time of sale).

    As for the art, BTC DeGods mirrors the same iconic art that DeGods is known for. Each PFP features mildly-decomposing deities that exhibit blank stares and stoic expressions, despite their impending decay. Knives are lodged into their foreheads, worms burrow their bodies, and arrows, spears, and other items pierce their streetwear apparel. But don’t worry, there’s no need to feel bad for these supernatural beings. They’re already dead. And as Frank and team like to say: “What’s dead may never die.”

    May these DeGods live on forever on the Bitcoin blockchain…

    Why collect BTC DeGods?

    Buy into the best brand in web3

    DeGods made its move to Bitcoin because it’s “the best brand in crypto.” It’s the first, oldest, and most-decentralized blockchain. So, when you pick up a BTC DeGod, you’re buying into the leading blockchain, the one that kicked everything off. You’re also buying into arguably the best multichain brand in NFTs: DeGods.

    BTC DeGods Bitcoin
    DeGods spiked to #1 in 24-hour volume upon launching on Bitcoin

    Get a piece of BTC history

    Know which NFT collection occupies an entire block on the Bitcoin blockchain? That’s right, BTC DeGods. With its inscription on block 776408, BTC DeGods became the first NFT collection to ever achieve this feat. Want to be part of Bitcoin history? Get a BTC DeGod.

    Join a crazy community

    DeGods has a cult following. On your timeline, and at the hottest NFT events, you’ll find its crazed members chugging beer out of shoes, drinking hot dog water, and committing other sinful acts. From the outside it looks crazy, but from the inside, it’s a form of bonding from a passionate community. Curious? Pick up a BTC DeGod to see for yourself.

    How to get started with BTC DeGods?

    Ready to pick up your own BTC DeGod? Here’s how…

    • Go to Magic Eden or UniSat
    • Browse the BTC DeGods collection
    • Find your favorite
    • Connect your Phantom wallet
    • Buy your BTC DeGod!