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Trade smarter with token charts in Phantom

Sam Novick
Trade Smarter with Token Charts in Phantom

    “Wen charts?”

    Right now.

    We’re introducing Token Pages to give you everything you need to trade better and smarter with interactive price charts, key metrics, security information, and more.

    All the information you need in one place

    When it comes to crypto, you want to be as informed as possible. So we made it easy to keep tabs on the tokens you care about from right inside Phantom.

    • Stay ahead with the metrics that matter: Dig deeper into performance stats and tokenomics to gain actionable insights and make informed decision quickly.
    • Identify patterns and trading opportunities: Visualize historical performance and discover trends with interactive price charts that are straightforward and easy to understand.
    • Swap with confidence: Avoid rug pulls and assess potential risks with details on percentage owned by the top holders, ownership status, and whether the token is mutable or mintable.
    • DYOR with ease: Save time and effort from having to visit third-party tools with crucial information available at your fingertips.
    • Stay in the know on-the-go: Monitor tokens from your mobile device and act on opportunities from the palm of your hand.

    How it works

    You can access Token Pages from the Home tab or Explore tab.

    From the Home Tab:

    • Tap any token you own to open the Token Balances view
    • You’ll see a new Price Details section with snapshot of the token’s performance over the past 24 hours
    • Tap the Price Details section to access the Token Page

    From the Explore Tab:

    • Type the name of the token you’d like to find in the search bar
    • When you see the token appear in the results, tap it to open up Token Pages

    You can also tap any token trending on Phantom to open Token Pages.


    The interactive price chart is a fast and easy way to track the performance of a token over time. Visualize changes in price over 24 hours, one week, one month, year to date, or all time. Hover over the chart to see the price of a token at a specific moment in time.

    Interactive token price charts in phantom


    Access key token metrics at a glance. These include:

    • Market Cap: The sum of the token’s circulating supply multiplied its the price.
    • Total Supply: The total number of tokens that currently exist.
    • Circulating Supply: The number of tokens out of the total supply that are in circulation and available to trade.
    • Max Supply: The total number of tokens that can ever exist.
    • Holders: The total number of addresses that hold the token.
    token information like market cap in phantom

    24H Performance

    Want to dig into recent activity and evaluate the performance of a token in finer detail? View volume, trades, and traders over the past 24 hours. We also show percentages to indicate changes in value from the previous period so you can put performance in context.

    token views 24 hour volume, trades, traders in phantom


    Assess potential risks by reviewing:

    • Top 10 Holders: Percentage of the current total supply held by the top ten holders.
    • Mintable: Token supply can be increased by the contract owner if a token is mintable.
    • Mutable Info: Token information such as name, logo, and website address can be changed by the contract owner if a token is mutable.
    • Ownership Renounced: No one can execute functions such as mint more tokens if ownership is renounced.
    • Update Authority: The update authority is the wallet address that can change information if a token is mutable.

    You’ll also find links (if available) for the project’s website and social channels.

    top holders, mintable, mutable, ownership renounced, update authority for tokens in phantom

    Turn insights into action

    Find a trading opportunity? Tap Swap to jump to the swapper with the token automatically populated to buy.

    Looking ahead

    Your feedback was essential in informing this highly-requested update. And we don’t plan to stop here. We’re going to continue to review your comments and source feedback from the community to shape our product and build the most user-friendly app in crypto.

    Stay tuned for more updates!