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How Phantom Protects Privacy


    At Phantom, protecting privacy is core to how we design and build our product. We believe that privacy is foundational to the promise of crypto. When someone uses Phantom, they deserve transparency and control over their data.

    As a leading self-custody wallet, we are proud to be on the leading edge of user privacy.

    How do we protect user privacy?

    As part of our commitment to privacy, here are some of the critical ways we ensure we protect user identity and security.

    1. Phantom does not require you to provide any personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, email address, or phone number to use our wallet
    2. Phantom does not collect and store IP addresses. We also use a privacy proxy to obscure IP addresses from RPC providers. As a result, our RPC partners are not able to identify users based on RPC requests.
    3. For the limited anonymous analytics that we do have, users have the option to opt-out at anytime.

    In addition to these key steps, we are also constantly iterating on ways we can continue to improve and ensure even more privacy for our community.

    What information do we collect?

    We take all appropriate steps to preserve user privacy and aim to be as transparent as possible with you regarding the treatment of any data we collect.

    Phantom collects limited non-identifiable information in the form of public on-chain data such as wallet addresses and off-chain data such as device type to provide and improve our product. We also collect limited non-identifiable off-chain data such as device, operating system, and country code for product purposes.

    For more information about how we protect user privacy, we encourage you to review the full policy.