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Introducing Solana-Only mode

Zac Glover
    Phantom Solana-only mode

    You asked for it, and now it’s here. Solana-Only mode.

    Solana-Only is a new feature to turn your Phantom wallet into a Solana-focused experience. Just how you like it.

    Here’s how it works…

    How it works

    Solana-Only activates a streamlined Solana experience on Phantom. When turned on, you can easily manage your Solana accounts, balances, tokens, and NFTs—without seeing other chains, network icons, or EVM addresses. Think of it as a simple toggle that gives you more control over your Phantom wallet. Flip it on for a Solana-focused experience. Flip it off for Multichain. Switch between the two without any disruption of your account balances and assets.

    When you toggle Solana-Only mode, the app seamlessly filters out other chains. Account balances? Only Solana. Transaction history? Only Solana. Wallet Addresses? Only Solana. Your NFTs? Only Solana. Your wallet experience? It’s solely Solana.

    How to turn on Solana-only mode

    1. Open your Phantom mobile app
    2. Go to settings
    3. Select ’Active Networks’
    4. Tap ‘Enable Solana-Only’
    5. Close the pop-up

    That’s it. Solana-Only is now on.

    Keep in mind that you can return to Phantom Multichain at any time by turning off Solana-Only. To do so, follow the same steps listed above and tap ‘Enable Multichain’.

    Your wallet, your way

    Solana-Only mode is our latest effort to build the most user-friendly wallet in crypto. One in which you have full control. Not only of your crypto and collectibles, but of your experience too.