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Introducing liquid staking in Phantom

Sam Novick
liquid staking in phantom

    Liquid staking is good for the SOL.

    It allows you to maximize your rewards, gain flexibility to participate in DeFi, and helps secure the Solana network, which is good for the ecosystem. But there’s a problem. Most people aren’t aware of all these amazing benefits.

    So to make liquid staking easier than ever, we teamed up with Jito, the leading Solana liquid staking platform.

    Convert your native stake to JitoSOL, instantly

    Although native staking’s great for rewards and helping to secure the network, it’s not without its limitations.

    Unlike native staking, when you liquid stake your SOL, you receive liquid staking tokens (LSTs) representing staked SOL. You can use LSTs like JitoSOL in DeFi to maximize yield.

    LSTs, like JitoSOL, allow you to maintain flexibility and liquidity to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

    solana liquid staking vs native staking

    Already have your SOL natively staked? You can convert your stake to Jito in a couple taps directly in Phantom.

    How to convert to JitoSOL

    Step 1: Open Phantom and go to the account where you have SOL staked

    Step 2: Select SOL

    Step 3: Click the ‘Convert your stake to JitoSOL’ banner

    Step 4: Select ‘Continue’

    Step 5: Select the stake account you want to convert

    Step 6: Select ‘Convert’

    That’s it. You start accruing rewards just by holding JitoSOL in your wallet.

    Why liquid stake with JitoSOL?

    We’re bringing liquid staking right into your wallet to make it easy for anyone to participate in securing the network. You can access all the amazing benefits of liquid staking, like higher rewards and flexibility, from your favorite, trusted crypto wallet: Phantom.

    Here’s why you’re going to love liquid staking with JitoSOL.

    Earn higher rewards

    • Jito spreads your SOL exclusively among the many validators running the Jito-Solana client—maximizing your rewards.
    • JitoSOL accrues both staking and MEV rewards, boosting your yield by up to ~15%.

    Unlock liquidity and flexibility

    • Use JitoSOL in DeFi protocols like Kamino, Drift, and MarginFi to earn additional yield while continuing to earn staking rewards.
    • Trade and transfer JitoSOL as you wish without dealing with 2-3 day lockup periods.

    Help secure the Solana network

    • Liquid staking secures Solana by spreading risk among multiple validators, reducing risk from low uptime validators.
    • Jito also supports decentralization and the health of the Solana network through efficient MEV extraction and spam reduction.

    Got extra SOL sitting in your wallet? Just swap it for JitoSOL to begin liquid staking and accruing yield.

    Growing the pie, together

    At time of publishing, over 93% of staked SOL is natively staked. This means it’s locked up and unusable. By liquid staking your SOL, you gain instant liquidity while helping to build a more robust ecosystem—which benefits everyone.

    This is why we’re excited to work with Jito—a pioneer in Solana liquid staking and well-respected team from the community. Jito has been driving force in securing and strengthening Solana, building innovative infrastructure to democratize MEV, minimize bot spam, and more.

    Through our partnership with Jito, we’re going to accelerate the growth of liquid staking on Solana.

    Are you in?


    Is JitoSOL safe?

    Liquid staking makes sense for most people, but there are risks. For example, the smart contracts used in these platforms could have bugs. However, JitoSOL is built on the stake pool program developed by Solana Labs, which has been audited nine times. Additionally, JitoSOL is non-custodial and you maintain control over your SOL. As always, you should do your own research to determine if liquid staking is right for you.

    Why did I receive less JitoSOL than SOL?

    JitoSOL is a reward-bearing asset, meaning yield is automatically accrued and reflected in price rather than ongoing distribution.

    How do I unstake JitoSOL?

    You can unstake on Jito’s website, which is accessible in a few taps via Phantom. You can also swap your JitoSOL for another token to instantly unstake.

    What can I do with my JitoSOL?

    You earn rewards just by holding JitoSOL in your wallet. But you can also use JitoSOL across DeFi protocols to maximize your yield. Check out Jito's DeFi Guide for all the ways you can use JitoSOL.