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One Wallet for Everything

Adding Ethereum and Polygon

David Wu

    In a little more than a year after our public launch, Phantom has millions of active users and has become the fastest growing crypto wallet of all time. But with self-custody more important than ever, serious user experience challenges are holding back wider crypto adoption.

    Having to rely on different wallets for different blockchains is leading to fragmented and tribal ecosystems. We are so excited to bring the Phantom experience that so many know and love, to Ethereum and Polygon and create a single wallet that people can use for everything.

    Partnering with Polygon

    As a leading scaling solution for Ethereum, Polygon is gaining breakout momentum in user and developer activity. Our partnership with Polygon will help us bring a first-class wallet to the Polygon ecosystem and its ambitious technology roadmap. With their emphasis on low transaction fees, security and scalability, there are amazing similarities between Polygon’s user base and ours.

    We see a huge opportunity to collaborate with the Polygon community in helping grow the NFT, gaming, and dapp adoption. As a key entry and access point for each blockchain ecosystem, wallets have a responsibility to uphold and showcase the user experience. Phantom is committing to being a key partner to the Polygon ecosystem.

    Bringing Phantom to ETH

    We are also ecstatic to be providing support for Ethereum. As the first smart-contract blockchain that paved the way for much of the innovation we see today, the rationale for supporting Ethereum is clear. It is still the largest chain for NFT volume and assets locked in DeFi protocols and has a rich ecosystem of EVM-compatible blockchains that we are excited to add support for in the future.

    For much of our team that has worked in crypto for many years, it is a return to our roots. Our leadership team has a deep understanding of Ethereum from their time at 0x, and from the very beginning, founded Phantom with the intention of going multichain. In addition, many of our team members have had extensive experience with Ethereum at companies such as Metamask, Consensys, and Coinbase Wallet.

    Elevating the Multichain User Experience

    While the future of crypto is multichain, it’s difficult to get overly excited with the current user experience managing different wallets on different chains. The Phantom team has been working hard for months to change that. Our roadmap for multichain is ambitious, but for our initial launch, we are excited to be elevating the multichain wallet experience in some key ways:

    One wallet for everything

    • See all your holdings and NFTs in one place
    • Seamlessly connect to dapps on SOL/ETH/MATIC
    • No need to use two wallets for NFT marketplaces

    Best-in-class protection

    • Know exactly what you are signing in a human-readable way
    • Best-in-class warnings for malicious transactions
    • Automated blocklists for NFT spam and phishing websites

    The best home for NFTs

    • Elegant NFT showcasing across all devices and file formats
    • In-wallet discovery of new collections
    • Rich notifications and transaction history for NFT bids, sales and listings

    In the same way people don’t switch web browsers to access different websites, we believe web3 needs a self-custodial wallet that can empower and access what you need seamlessly. We'll always be part of the Solana ecosystem, and by creating a delightful and easy-to-use multichain wallet with support for Ethereum and Polygon, we will bring these communities together and help web3 grow.