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Phantom Launches on Android

The functionality you know and love from Phantom on other platforms is now available on Android.

David Wu
    Phantom for Android

    Instant crypto and NFTs transactions with low fees are just a tap away on the world's most popular mobile operating system. Visit our official Google Play store listing to download.

    Web3 on the go

    All your favorite wallet functionality such as sending, receiving, buying, staking crypto and NFTs is available on the go. And with the mobile dApp browser in our Android and iOS apps, the full power of Web3 and Solana is now available to all mobile phones.

    Newly released features on Phantom such as push notifications and our enhanced 'Recent Activity' tab are also live on Android at launch.

    Make transactions with confidence on Phantom Android

    A beta with worldwide adoption

    We are grateful to the community for the amazing interest in our beta. More than 50,000 people have helped us test out the app and provided valuable feedback. The Phantom team has also been energized by the interest we are seeing from fast-growing audiences all around the world.

    India, Indonesia, and Vietnam are showing explosive adoption on Android and we are excited to welcome these communities to Phantom.

    What's next

    With our launches on iOS and Android behind us, we will be working hard to continue providing the best crypto wallet experience across all platforms. Performance optimization will always be a key focus for us as we know how important it is for our users. In the next few months, our community can also expect new and innovative features, especially around NFTs to go live.

    To try out the new Android app, make sure to avoid fraudulent links and go to our official Google Play store listing. If you have any feedback, the Phantom team would love to hear from you at Phantom Support.