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Product updates: Recent activity, notifications, performance, and more

Whether it’s buying an NFT, depositing a token, or participating in DeFi, making transactions on the blockchain is not always the most intuitive experience.

David Wu
    Phantom Mobile

    Today, we are excited to announce new features that will help Phantom users better understand their recent activity and use their crypto with more confidence.

    Over the coming days, the enhanced recent activity and push notification features will be rolling out to all users across our browser extensions, iOS, and Android beta.

    We are also very excited to announce that significant performance updates were made to reduce loading times across the Phantom user experience, especially on mobile.

    Recent Activity

    With our previous iteration of the ‘Recent Activity’ tab, it was not very easy to understand the actual transactions you were making. Many transactions like buying an NFT or swapping a token required going to Solscan to get the full context of what was going on. Users will now better understand their history of activity across a wide range of transactions that include:

    • NFT transactions
    • Token Swaps
    • dApp Interactions
    • Sending and Receiving Tokens

    Push Notifications

    Following our mobile launch, we are excited to keep our users informed about their transactions in the most convenient way possible with push notifications. While Android is still in beta, mobile notifications will be part of its public launch that is coming soon.

    • No need to wait - You will receive informative notifications to confirm when your transactions are complete.
    • Opt-in to notifications - Phantom gives users total control on the what types of notifications you will see.

    Phantom push notifications

    Performance Updates

    As Phantom’s user base has exponentially scaled to millions of users, we have encountered some hurdles with slower load times and speed. In this latest update, product performance should be much improved, especially on mobile, when loading our home tab, viewing any assets and NFTs. We will be rolling out major improvements to the extension in the near future as well.

    We also want to acknowledge that our users experiencing RPC connection issues both with Phantom and across the Solana ecosystem more broadly. We are working hard to improve our RPC reliability and look forward to sharing more in future updates.

    Developer Updates

    • Universal Links and Deep Linking API - dApp interactions between Phantom and other mobile apps can now be done through universal links or deeplinks. Check out the docs for this exciting new feature.
    • Solana Pay Updates - Phantom now supports the latest spec of Solana Pay. Merchants can now send a payment request that will be opened in Phantom mobile apps.

    What's Next

    Looking ahead, we plan on building upon these features to add even more functionality.

    The ‘Recent Activity’ tab will include more context around dApp transactions, especially with more complex NFTs and DeFi interactions. In addition, we will also expand notifications to our browser extensions. And as always, we will continue to invest as much as we can into improving performance.

    If you have any feedback, we love to hear from our community. You can follow us on Twitter and reach us at @phantom or write into Phantom Support.