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Swap Ethereum and Polygon Tokens in Phantom

Will Thompson
    Swap Ethereum and Polygon Tokens in Phantom

    Swapping EVM tokens just got a lot easier. Phantom's in-wallet swapper now supports Ethereum and Polygon! You can now enjoy the same seamless in-wallet swap experience for thousands of tokens on both networks.

    How it Works

    Leveraging the efficiency, reliability, and security of 0x, our EVM Swapper integrates the entire decentralized exchange ecosystem right in Phantom, providing unparalleled convenience at your fingertips.

    • Swap Ethereum and Polygon tokens directly in Phantom without having to visit exchanges.
    • Acquire desired tokens securely, steering clear of potential scams.
    • Bypass hefty network fees and lengthy confirmation times.
    • Enjoy on-the-go mobile swapping with a few taps.

    Swapper is powered by 0x Swap API which delivers:

    • Deep liquidity and competitive pricing: 100+ liquidity sources including exclusive 0x liquidity
    • Slippage and MEV protection to minimize the impact of sandwich attacks, saving users an average of 50-80% on slippage
    • Smart order routing that splits transactions across sources for maximum returns
    • Best execution with the lowest on-chain revert rates in the industry
    • Best-in-class performance and uptime

    How to Swap in Phantom

    Two important things to know when using the Phantom swapper:

    1. When you swap in Phantom, the initial token that you select determines the network of the tokens you receive.
    2. Phantom’s in-wallet swapper only supports swaps between tokens on a single chain.
    • ETH native tokens → ETH native tokens
    • MATIC native tokens → MATIC native tokens
    • SOL native tokens → SOL native tokens

    In-wallet cross-chain swaps (e.g. SOL → ETH) aren't supported (yet!). If you are looking to swap tokens between networks, we recommend using a bridge. To learn more about bridges and how to use them, please reference our blog post Bridging Tokens Across Chains.

    Happy swapping!