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Swap more tokens in Phantom

Sam Novick
swap more solana tokens in phantom

    Crypto moves fast, so you need a wallet that lets you do MOAR.

    So we revamped our swapper to give you:

    • More convenience
    • More tokens
    • More control

    Read on to learn more about what’s new.

    More convenience

    Stop jumping through hoops to swap tokens.

    For every extra click or tap to navigate to external sites and swappers, you decrease your chances of hitting those 10x opportunities.

    With Phantom Swapper, you stay as close to the action as possible.

    A memecoin is mooning? Swap in.

    A blue chip is falling? Swap out.

    Whatever it is that you’re observing in the market, Phantom is the most convenient place to make the play.

    More tokens

    Know what’s not convenient? Lack of token availability.

    That’s why we’ve started aggregating tokens from multiple sources to give you access to hundreds of thousands of tokens. We’re talking small caps, large caps, and everything in between.

    As soon as a token hits $5K in liquidity, we’ll pick it up within one hour so you can always swap the latest and greatest in Phantom.

    And you can search by contract address to easily find the exact token you’re looking for.

    More control

    Prices for newly-launched tokens and on-the-rise memecoins are often volatile, which can cause transactions to fail. And no one likes that.

    So we introduced custom slippage to give you more control over your swap experience in Phantom.

    Increase slippage to prevent failed transactions due to price volatility or low liquidity. Decrease slippage to avoid front running and save money. The choice is yours.

    More details

    How to swap with Phantom:

    Step 1: Go to the Swap tab (🔁)

    Step 2: Select the token you’d like to sell

    Step 3: Select the token you’d like to buy

    Step 4: Enter the amount you’d like to sell and a quote will load showing the amount of tokens you’ll receive. Click Review Order to proceed

    Step 5: Review the transaction details and click Swap to submit

    It’s that easy!

    Friendly reminder: Tokens that have not been validated as legitimate by trusted third parties are displayed under “Unverified Tokens” in the search results. You should always double-check the contract address to make sure you’re buying the real token and not a fake. You can do so easily in Phantom by hovering over the ℹ️ icon.

    More to come

    This is the first step of many to bring you the best swapping experience possible. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!