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Using Phantom with EVM Apps

Will Thompson
    Using Phantom with EVM Apps

    We know that connecting to apps with multiple browser wallets installed can be confusing or frustrating at times. The good news is that Phantom is compatible with every app on Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, even if there is no Phantom button visible.

    See below for instructions on how to use Phantom with your favorite app.

    Using apps with multiple wallets should be easier

    A common point of confusion occurs when you want to connect to an app but don't see your wallet listed. Clicking the "Connect Wallet" button often presents a short list of wallets that have been selectively chosen by the app to be featured on the website. If you don’t see your preferred wallet, you might assume that it's not compatible with the app, when it actually is.

    Another common frustration comes when you connect to an app and a different wallet opens than the one you intended. This issue is often due to the site’s provider API (the method most EVM apps use to connect to browser wallets), which only supports one connected wallet at a time. This can lead to browser wallets "fighting" with each other to connect to the app at the same time, resulting in missed connections and poor user experiences.

    Phantom’s Solution

    These are all things, of course, that you should never have to deal with. We believe that you should be able to use any wallet you want, on any site, without friction. While that might seem unattainable at the moment, we’ve taken a few steps towards making it a reality:

    • To give you more control and fewer surprises, we introduced a "Default Wallet" setting in Phantom. This setting lets you choose your preferred default wallet or to be asked each time you connect to an app.
    • We are working with apps daily to integrate dedicated “Connect with Phantom” buttons. Many apps, such as QuickSwap, Zapper, 1inch, Curve, Synthetix, and Sound.xyz have already integrated these, with many more to come.

    How to use Phantom with your favorite EVM apps

    Option 1: Click “Connect Wallet” and then click the MetaMask icon

    Connecting Phantom to NFT Marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur.io:

    Connecting to OpenSea on Ethereum and Polygon
    Connecting to Blur.io

    Connecting Phantom to DeFi protocols like Uniswap and Sushi:

    Connecting to Uniswap
    Connecting to Sushi

    Option 2: Click “Connect Wallet” and then click “Browser wallet”

    Connecting to AAVE and Lens Protocol:

    Connecting to AAVE
    Connecting to Lens Protocol

    Choosing your Default Wallet in Phantom

    If Phantom is affecting your ability to use other browser wallets to connect with apps, you can change your default wallet app in settings anytime. It's important to note that your choice will be applied for all apps, not just the app you’re connecting with.

    Selecting your default app wallet in Phantom

    How you can help

    We are working hard to make using Phantom as easy as clicking a button, but we could use your help! Reach out to your favorite apps through support or Twitter and let them know that you want to see Phantom integrated into their site. We even have a pre-populated tweet you can customize and send to your favorite app.

    Additional Resources

    Still have questions? Please contact our 24/7 Support Team.