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Product Profile: Hivemapper

Zac Glover
    Product Spotlight: Hivemapper

    Web3 is full of acronyms. Dapp. DEX. DAO. DeFi. And now, DePIN. DePIN stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. And you can think of it like this, DePIN is to traditional infrastructure what DeFi is to traditional finance. It’s decentralizing WiFi, storage, energy grids, and other networks. When it comes to maps, the DePIN app making the most buzz is Hivemapper.

    What is Hivemapper?

    Hivemapper is a crowdsourced map built and owned by its community. To create the map, members use dashcams to record their surroundings as they drive. These images and videos are then used to produce the maps and visualizations that the community benefits from. In return, contributors earn Hivemapper’s native token HONEY.

    Hivemapper Network Explorer

    Why use Hivemapper?

    Earn while you drive

    What’s sweeter than passive income? Install Hivemapper’s dashcam, and connect it to the app, to earn HONEY while you drive. For extra rewards, map underserved areas and/or areas that weren't updated in more than seven days.

    Get rewarded to train AI

    No car? You can earn HONEY on your smartphone or computer with AI trainer games. You’ll identify street signs to train Hivemapper’s machine learning models and improve map image quality.

    Hivemapper AI Training

    Protect your data and privacy

    Traditional map apps track your data. Everywhere you go, how you get there, how often you go, every picture you take along the way, and where. Not Hivemapper. It blurs out faces and license plates, anonymizes usernames, and doesn’t collect your personal information.

    Own your content

    In web2, companies collect and monetize your contributions. On Hivemapper, you own your content. When you upload images and videos, you maintain the rights. That means, you can request to remove them at any time. Plus, by contributing, you own a stake in the network.

    How to get started with Hivemapper?

    Hivemapper’s drive-to-earn program is simple. You’ll just need to buy and install the dashcam, connect it to the app, and start driving. However, the dashcam will set you back. It costs $420.69… Our recommendation? Try out the AI training games. It’ll take you less than a minute to get started. Go to hivemapper.com/trainers, connect your Phantom wallet, and pick the training game you want to play. After that, just identify the signs one by one to start earning HONEY.

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