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Discover, track, and mint NFTs with Floor app

Zac Glover
Floor NFT app

    How do you discover NFTs? Track them? Mint them? If you’re like most NFT collectors, it’s likely that you bounce between Twitter, Discord, and other channels to find alpha and build your portfolio.

    Now, there’s an easier way. It’s called Floor.

    What is Floor?

    Floor is an app for discovering, tracking, and managing NFTs across chains. Rather than deal with various apps and marketplaces, it unifies all your NFT activity in one sleek interface. In its app, you’ll find an NFT portfolio tracker, real-time alerts and updates, “Mobile Minting,” and other helpful features.

    First, the portfolio tracker. Floor’s portfolio tracker tracks the performance of your NFTs across chains and wallets. Whether you collect NFTs on Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, or Base, or a mix of all five, you’ll see key stats from all your collectibles in one place. What kind of stats? Current floor prices, estimated value, difference, and more.

    Other than its cross-chain portfolio tracker, Floor also offers real-time alerts and updates. Through push notifications and custom curated news, Floor sends you the most relevant information related to you and your collections. This keeps you on top of industry trends and market moves so you can buy, sell, or flip based on your specific needs.

    Lastly, is Mobile Minting, Floor’s in-app minting mechanism. With Mobile Minting, you can mint and buy NFTs via in-app purchases. That means you can easily check out with traditional payments methods even if you don’t have crypto. In other words, it’s a simple way to turn off-chain payments into on-chain ownership.

    Why use Floor?

    Track and manage your NFT portfolio

    Do you know if your NFT portfolio’s up? Down? With Floor, you don’t need to wonder. Using its portfolio tracker, you can see your performance on a given timeframe (1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 1 year). Not enough? Drill down deeper by analyzing at the NFT-level. You’ll see which ones are carrying your portfolio and which ones are holding it down.

    Get curated news and updates on your collections

    The NFT world moves fast. One moment you could have a blue chip, and the next, it could be a rug (at least, according to Crypto Twitter). Don’t get caught off guard. With Floor’s curated news and real-time updates, you’ll stay in the know. If there’s a relevant industry development, major price swing, or impactful sale, you’ll get a timely alert.

    Buy and mint NFTs via in-app purchases

    If you’re reading this, you’re likely an advanced web3 user. ;) But even if so, you’re still probably accustomed to web2 experiences. This is where Floor’s Mobile Minting comes in handy. If you don’t have crypto, you can still buy and mint NFTs via Floor’s in-app purchases. Just find your desired NFT, click the checkout button, and your connected payment method will be charged.

    Fiat out, NFTs in. That’s a win-win.

    How to get started with Floor?

    Ready to track and manage your NFT portfolio with Floor? Here’s how to get started.

    1. Download Floor at floornfts.io/app-pass/guide
    2. Connect your Phantom wallet
    3. Discover and mint free Solana art with Floor’s Solana Mobile Minting feature