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Get free NFTs every week with DRiP

Zac Glover

    What’s your attention worth? In web2, not much. At least, not for you. When you scroll, post, engage, and view ads, companies profit off of it—and leave you with nothing. But DRiP is inverting this. The NFT drop platform rewards you for your time and attention. In the form of collectible art, rare music, and other cool items.

    Here’s what you need to know.

    What is DRiP?

    DRiP is an NFT drop platform on Solana. It rewards you with free high-quality art, music, comics, games, and more—every week. Why? Because DRiP, and its creative partners, recognize that your attention isn’t free. So, rather than serve you ads, it sends you free content and collectibles. Think of it as a thank you for your engagement.

    DRiP’s signature drop is Showcase. Showcase is a free art drop, curated by the DRiP team, that highlights the work of artists, animators, musicians, and other creators on Solana. Previous pieces include Solana Spaceman by bunjil, RIVALS by Flag Monkez, The UP Only Cet by Peblo, and Metropolis by Daramola.

    Solana Spaceman by @notbunjil
    Solana Spaceman - @notbunjil
    The UP Only Cet Artist: @peblo69, @Gustevo420
    The UP Only Cet - @peblo69

    After launching Showcase, DRiP expanded to other high-profile drops. Most notably, with Solana typewriter artist Degen Poet and blue-chip Solana NFT collection Degenerate Ape Academy. These popular drops reward you with animated GIFs, comics, illustrations, and other goodies. As for music, Vault Music is a drop that sends you limited-edition songs from up-and-coming musicians.

    DRiP also offers other features, such as a daily mini-game, seasonal rewards, and creator donations. These extra features allow you to upgrade your NFT rarity, get bonus rewards, and thank your favorite artists.

    Vibhu Norby and Degen Poet. DRiP

    The Zeitgeist Episode 31

    DRiP Founder Vibhu Norby and artist Degen Poet

    With all these fun features and drops, you might think DRiP planned this all along. But that’s not the case. DRiP started as a simple airdrop for the now-defunct Solana Spaces—a chain of Solana-themed retail stores. But once founder Vibhu Norby recognized the potential of compressed NFTs to onboard new users into web3, he went all in. Since then, DRiP has given away over four million free collectibles to hundreds of thousands of users.

    Gm - DRiP Presents: DAA
    Gm - DRiP Presents: DAA
    Nacho Smile - DRiP Presents: @degenpoet
    Nacho Smile - DRiP Presents: @degenpoet

    Why use DRiP?

    Get free content and collectibles

    With DRiP, you get cool stuff from the Solana ecosystem for free. Art. Music. Games. Comics. The list goes on. Browse drops from top artists and brands, subscribe to your favorites, and enjoy awesome freebies. It’s like a hack to build your NFT collection and music library.

    Play games for rare NFTs

    What’s better than a free NFT? A free rare NFT. With DRiP’s pixelated mini-game, Legendary Lock-in, you’ll play for the chance to upgrade your drop rarity—from common to rare or legendary. The more you play, the better your chances.

    Earn rewards

    Drops come in various seasonal collections and rarity tiers: common, rare, and legendary. As you collect them, you’ll earn seasonal rewards which give you rarity upgrades and special airdrops. Collect every NFT in all rarity tiers to reach legendary status.

    How to get started with DRiP?

    Get started in under sixty seconds.

    1. Go to drip.haus
    2. Connect your Phantom wallet
    3. Subscribe to drops
    4. Automatically receive cool art, music, and more for free

    It’s that simple.