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Claynosaurz NFTs are destined for fame

Zac Glover

    Imagine this. A Play-Doh-like world, inspired by The Land Before Time, then minted on the blockchain. What might that look like? Claynotopia—the home of Claynosaurz, a 10K NFT collection of clay dinosaurs. With its thoughtfully-designed animations, digital-native IP, and all-star team, Claynosaurz is shaping up to be the next big project on Solana. And it may even cross over into the mainstream.

    Here’s what you need to know about this breakout project.


    What is Claynosaurz?

    Claynosaurz is a Solana NFT collection of 10,000 3D-animated dinosaurs. Launched in November 2022, these dynamic dinos feature cute art, unique personalities, and signature strides. Some are jolly and easygoing, others are worrisome and fearful, and others are indifferent. But all are in motion. They stride, skip, waltz, and run, or innocently observe their surroundings. And like their prehistoric predecessors, Claynosaurz come in various species. Its Genesis collection includes Ankylo, Bronto, Raptor, Rex, Stego, and Trice.

    Claynosaurz #6593
    Claynosaurz #6593

    Since Genesis, Claynotopia has expanded. The Clayno team launched Claymaker, Clay, Croissants, Sardinhas, Pizzas, Tacos, and more. These add-ons are combined to produce eggs, hatch new creatures, forge armor, and create new classes of Claynos. The goal of these extras is to grow its community and onboard more people into the Solana and the web3 ecosystem.

    Andrew Pelekis, CEO – Claynosaurz

    The Zeitgeist Episode 28

    Andrew Pelekis, CEO – Claynosaurz

    Now, onto the team.

    Claynosaurz’s 3D production studio brings impressive experience from Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Netflix, Warner Bros, Marvel, and more. They’ve worked on hits such as Avatar, Avengers, Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight, Jurassic World, The Angry Birds Movie, and Rio. Now, they’re using their experience to build original IP in web3 that’s as ubiquitous and beloved as their previous work. And helping other web3 creators do the same.


    Why collect Claynosaurz?

    Buy adorable 3D art

    Claynosaurz are like pets. They’re irresistibly cute, full of personality, and evoke an emotional connection. Whether it’s the twinkling eyes, sheepish grin, or uncontained exuberance—or a mix of the three—they’ll have you falling for them at first glance.

    Support a star-studded team

    Could we see Claynosaurz on the big screen? In toy aisles? Based on this team’s background, it’s not out of the question. They’ve contributed to the art and animation behind the world’s most beloved brands (Batman, Spider-Man, Minions, etc). And now, they’re creating their own. So, when you buy in, you’re helping this team build web3’s first brand with mass appeal.

    Enjoy real-life experiences

    With a Claynosaur, you gain access to exclusive community events. Show up, meet fellow collectors, and claim special goodies such as airdrops and booster packs. What’s inside these booster packs? It’s a thrill to find out. You might pull a complementary Claynosaurz item, partnership giveaway (e.g., an Atari VCS Console Bundle), or even a rare NFT. Previous events were held in Lisbon, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. Perhaps the next one will be in your city?

    Claynosaurz Claymaker
    Claynosaurz: Claymaker
    Claynosaurz: Sardinhas

    How to get started with Claynosaurz?

    Ready to enter Claynotopia? (Don’t worry, unlike Jurassic Park, this dino world is friendly.)

    Browse Claynosaurz and admire the beautiful 3D-animated art. Did one catch your eye? Add it to your collection! If it’s not quite in your budget, no problem. The Claynosaurz team works hard to expand the project and bring new fans into its ecosystem. So, there may be new drops coming soon. Until then, follow @Claynosaurz and its talented team members on social media. They’re committed to creating and sharing high-quality content and collectibles for all to enjoy.