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Okay Bears spreads hope through art and code

Zac Glover
Okay Bears blog image on phantom.app

    Being an NFT collector can be emotional. Sometimes prices and sentiment soar to euphoric highs. Sometimes they crash to historic lows. Sometimes the market is ready to roar. Sometimes it hibernates and snores. But regardless of what the market is doing, it’s important to remember: We’re all gonna be okay (#WAGBO). This is the message that Okay Bears wishes to spread around the world.

    Okay Bears origin story image on phantom.app

    What is Okay Bears?

    Okay Bears (OKB) is a multichain 10K PFP collection. First launched on Solana, and later on Bitcoin, this cool collection of bears is building “a virtuous community that transcends the internet into the real world.” How? Through its family-friendly brand, notable partnerships and charity work, and web3-native innovation.

    Okay Bear #2947
    Okay Bear #2947
    Okay Bear #1276
    Okay Bear #1276

    Fam first. Okay Bears built its brand for everyone. It features diverse, human-like bears, a reassuring tagline (#WAGBO), and a noble mission—to spread hope through art and code. Due to this commitment to spread hope (along with positivity and generosity), it has endeared itself to its holders and the broader community.

    Another key part of Okay Bears commitment to its mission is partners. OKB partners with famous athletes and brands—such as Lonzo Ball, RED, and the United Nations—to make a difference in the world. For example, Okay Bears created the Zo Bear 1/1 to develop a new basketball court for local youth, launched (OKAY)RED to raise money to fight pandemics and save lives, and provided immediate relief to families displaced by earthquakes. Bravo.

    Now, onto the “code” part of OKB’s mission. Okay Bears uses web3 technology to scale its generosity. Through its loyalty platform, OKB rewards holders with raffle tickets and special prizes, such as cheeky badges (“Survived Sam”), digital collectibles (that are redeemable for real gold coins), and more. The more you extend your streaks (by tweeting “gm,” repping OKB as your PFP, and not listing your Bears), the more raffle tickets you earn, and the higher your chances of winning.

    Okay Bears
    Okay Bears badges

    Why collect Okay Bears?

    Join an Okay community

    Having a bad day? That’s okay. Your bags are down? That’s okay. No one gm’d you back? That’s okay. As part of the OKB community, you’ll know that it’s all going to be okay (because your fellow holders are quick to remind you). If you’re in need of hope, optimism, and/or support, this may be the right community for you. Just be sure to pay it forward…

    Spread the WAGBO vibes

    Okay Bears’ mission to spread hope through art and code isn’t just lip service, it delivers. So, when you contribute to this project and community, you’re helping to make a difference. Whether it’s a well-timed “WAGBO” to someone in need or a contribution to Okay Cares charitable initiatives, you’ll be making the world a little more “Okay” for all of us.

    Okay Bears

    Streak to win prizes

    Like to streak? As an Okay Bears holder, it pays off. Set your Bear as your PFP, tweet “gm,” and avoid listing it on marketplaces to grow your streak, earn raffle tickets, and increase your chances of winning awesome prizes. You could win OKB NFTs, digital collectibles, iPhones, Rolexes, Apple Watches, and more.

    How to get started with Okay Bears?

    Get started with Okay Bears in the Bear Market. No, seriously. The Bear Market, powered by Magic Eden, is the hub for all OKB NFT collections—Okay Bears, Bear Drops, and Okay Cares. Drop in, explore, and learn more about all the collectibles. When you’re ready to pick up your first, we recommend doing so on Magic Eden, as it offers more listed NFTs.

    Not quite ready to buy your first? That’s okay! We’ve got another fun option for you…

    1. Go to rewards.okay.xyz/streaks
    2. Connect your Phantom wallet and Twitter account
    3. Select ‘GM STREAK’
    4. Select ‘Tweet GM’
    5. Tweet GM

    Boom. Done.

    Not only did you just spread good vibes to Crypto Twitter, you earned one raffle ticket. Continue to extend your streak to earn more tickets and increase your chances of winning awesome prizes. Who knows, you may just win your first OKB for free. But even if not, don’t worry. #WAGBO