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Take over the galaxy in the web3 game Star Atlas

Zac Glover
Star Atlas

    The year is 2620. Humans have transcended Earth to become an interplanetary species. Alien lifeforms have banded together to ensure survival. And due to advancements in technology, mysterious cybernetics beings have emerged. The galaxy is in an all-out power struggle, and you must decide who to join…

    This is Star Atlas—the web3 grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, and political domination. And here’s what you need to know about it.

    Star Atlas trailer

    What is Star Atlas?

    Star Atlas is a space exploration game built on Solana. In its open world, set in outer space in the year 2620, three major factions vie for territorial power and political control: (1) MUD, the alliance of humankind, (2) ONI, a consortium of alien species, and (3) Ustur, a collective of sentient androids. Upon joining a faction, players explore and battle for control of a galactic economy, powered by the ATLAS token.

    Star Atlas
    Star Atlas' interactive website

    In its massive metaverse, Star Atlas offers much to do: interstellar travel, space combat, futuristic hoverbike races, target practice, asset mining, and more. Other than the thrill, these activities provide the resources necessary to upgrade ships and skins, which can be exchanged on the Star Atlas marketplace.

    Star Atlas
    Star Atlas gameplay

    Another key aspect of Star Atlas is that it’s a blockchain game. So, unlike traditional games, its in-game items and currency (ATLAS) are owned by its players. That means they can be sold and converted into real-world money. But that’s not all. Using its governance token (POLIS), players can also vote on proposals and influence the game’s future.

    Star Atlas was founded in 2020 by Michael Wagner, Danny Floyd, Jacob Floyd, and Pablo Quiroga.

    Why play Star Atlas?

    Go on space-based quests

    Star Atlas is full of adventure (and danger). You’ll blast through space at warp speed, visit planets to extract resources, battle enemies for galactic goods, and expand your territorial dominance. With each successful mission, you’ll earn XP and rewards to propel your next conquest.

    Star Atlas
    Star Atlas gameplay

    Build your empire

    Someone's going to take over the galaxy, so it might as well be you. Create your fleet, send it into deep space to extract resources, and then use those resources to craft loot, such as ships, land, and golden tickets.

    Then, do it again.

    Own and upgrade your assets

    Skins. Ships. Components. Crew members. Weapons. Star Atlas lets you own them all. You can upgrade them, transfer them, sell them, build on them, or whatever else you’d like—because they’re yours.

    Star Atlas
    Star Atlas gameplay

    How to get started with Star Atlas?

    Right now the best way to get started with Star Atlas is by playing the newly-released Sage Labs, an early access, 2D browser-based game.

    In this walkthrough, Star Atlas community manager @DominicVain takes you step by step on how to play Sage Labs: