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Go on high-stakes monkey missions in The Heist

Zac Glover
The Heist

    Remember how fun Cops and Robbers was? The joy of catching bad guys? The thrill of running from police? Unfortunately, we had to give it up when we became adults (the stakes got too high...). But now, this classic pastime has returned with a web3 twist. The Heist is a Cops and Robbers idle game, but with crooked Chimps, heroic Gorillas, and, as of season two, devious Orangutans.

    The Heist Season 2 launch video

    Now, let’s peel back the layers...

    What is The Heist?

    The Heist
    The Heist season 2 gameplay

    The Heist is a risk-based idle game on Solana. It pits Chimps, Orangutans, and Gorillas against each other in a power struggle for Peel City—an urban jungle that has fallen into chaos. In Peel City, the rivalrous Chimps and Orangutans conduct high-stakes heists to pillage items and loot while the Gorilla squad tries to arrest them and confiscate their goods. It’s cops and robbers but with upgradable avatars, digital currency ($NANA and $COCO), and the risk of getting rekt. (Yikes!)

    Before entering Peel City, you’ll need to get a The Heist NFT. The NFTs double as profile pics (PFPs) as well as in-game characters, so choose wisely. Want to wreak havoc on the city and steal its resources? Get a Chimp or Orangutan. Want to protect the city from lawlessness? Get a Gorilla. Want to play both sides to maximize your returns? Get all of them.

    The Heist NFT #7282 on Phantom's website - Web3 Game Spotlight
    The Heist #7282 (Chimp)
    The Heist NFT #9300 on Phantom's website - web3 game spotlight
    The Heist #9300 (Chimp)
    The Heist #7830
    The Heist #7830 (Orangutan)
    The Heist NFT #9812 on Phantom's website - web3 game spotlight
    The Heist #9812 (Orangutan)
    The Heist NFT #978 on Phantom's website - web3 game spotlight
    The Heist #978 (Gorilla)
    The Heist NFT #239 on Phantom's website - web3 game spotlight
    The Heist #239 (Gorilla)

    As for gameplay, it centers around heists and robberies. Stake your primates at different locations—such as Safehouse, Goldman Racks, or the Federal Reserve—for a chance to gain items and loot. But be sure to manage your risk and reward. Each location has different probabilities that result in a range of outcomes. You could hit the jackpot (10X your $NANA or $COCO), get arrested (go to jail for 24 hours), or get rekt (lose your NFT and more), among other possibilities.

    As you progress, you’ll evolve your primates. After starting at level zero, you’ll use $NANA or $COCO to upgrade your skills and stats and equip items for additional boosters. Plus, your characters and profile are customizable. Drop in to the cosmetics store to buy skins and banners to show off your own flair. But remember, you won’t be the only one. You’ll be fighting with a jungle full of hostile primates for the coveted resources…

    The Heist
    Peel City

    As for the team, this fun blockchain game comes from Longwood Labs, a web3 idle gaming studio. Before launching The Heist, Longwood Labs released The Remnants, another popular idle game on Solana.

    Why play The Heist?

    Go on high-stakes monkey missions

    Every day in Peel City is a matter of life and death. Before you send your primates into action, assess the risks and rewards of each mission. What’s the probability of doubling your return? How about 10Xing it? And don’t forget the downside. What about fumbling the mission? Losing your items? Getting arrested? Improve your odds by upgrading and equipping your apes. Otherwise, you might get rekt.

    Personalize your ape avatars (and more)

    How to make fun PFP art even better? Make it customizable. Decorate your primates with crowns, masks, capes, helmets, armor, and other cool accessories (such as a Lil Pepe companion or Super Saiyan hair). Plus, you can buy banners in the cosmetics store to give your profile an added personal touch.

    The Heist
    The Heist - Cosmetics Store

    Stack $NANA and $COCO

    With great risk comes great reward…in the form of memeworthy tokens. Send your Chimps and Orangutans on heists to earn $NANA and $COCO by the hour. Not enough? Set your The Heist NFT as your Twitter PFP to get an extra boost of $NANA and $COCO. How sweet is that?

    How to get started with The Heist?

    Okay, now that we’ve covered what The Heist is, and why you should play, let’s focus your monkey mind on how to get started…

    1. Go to one of the top Solana marketplaces, such as Magic Eden or Tensor
    2. Buy your favorite Chimp, Orangutan, and/or Gorilla
    3. Go to theheist.game
    4. Connect your wallet
    5. Select ‘Wallet’ in the top left-hand corner
    6. Select ‘NFTs Management’
    7. Move your NFT from ‘In Wallet’ to ‘In Game’

    Now, you’re ready to take over Peel City!

    💡Phantom pro tip: Start your first heist in Safehouse as it's a low-risk location. At the time of writing, you have 0% chance of getting rekt and less than 1% chance of confiscation and arrest. Good luck!