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Earn SOL for learning about Solana projects with Trails

Zac Glover
Trails Solana

    Gm, explorer. We’re glad you joined us on this expedition. Today, we’re going to explore Trails—the gamified onboarding platform on Solana. First, we’ll start with what it is, move onto why you should use it, then finish with how to get started. By the end, you’ll be ready to venture off on your own. Scout’s honor.

    Now, let’s get going.

    What is Trails?

    Trails Solana

    Trails is an educational platform to learn about Solana projects. It offers minicourses (aka “trails”) on more than 10 projects, such as Famous Fox Federation, Tensor, Solarplex, and more. The educational platform and its minicourses are designed to make learning fun and rewarding, especially for beginners. It accomplishes this through step-by-step walkthroughs, friendly contests, and leaderboards.

    Trails is centered around its walkthroughs. Walkthroughs guide you step-by-step to learn the basics of the Solana-based projects. How? Through short descriptions, simple charts, and actionable steps. As you complete steps and perform actions, you earn XP which helps you climb the leaderboard and earn prizes.

    Trails Solana
    Famous Fox Federation on Trails.fm

    Another key feature is the Frontier Program—a gamified rewards program. It consists of a series of friendly contests to compete for S◎L. You’ll outlast your competitors by accomplishing a number of feats. Earn 100 XP! Finish top 20 on the leaderboard! Complete the newest trail! These are just a few examples of what you’ll need to do in this learn-to-earn program.

    Lastly, Trails has leaderboards—an overall leaderboard and a campaign leaderboard. These leaderboards seamlessly tie in with the rest of the platform. Because as you complete walkthroughs (trails), you earn XP, which pushes you up the leaderboard and into contention for prizes. Monitor your progress closely, if you want to come out on top.

    Trails Solana
    Trails' leaderboard

    Alright, explorer, stop right there.

    At this point on our journey, we need to make a pitstop. At the Solana Summer Camp.

    Why? Well, that’s where we’ll find two of our guides: Kellen Blumberg and Michael Dillon. It was at the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon where Blumberg and Dillon connected and created PoolProps, which won fourth place.

    But this isn’t about PoolProps. It’s about what they did next.

    After building PoolProps, and other projects on Solana, Blumberg and Dillon built…


    With that said, it’s time we get back on our own trail and continue our journey.

    Let’s go, explorer!

    Why use Trails?

    Learn to earn S◎L

    Trails rewards you for learning about, and testing out, projects in the Solana ecosystem. You’ll complete step-by-step walkthroughs and perform desired actions—such as connecting, trading, swapping, etc.—to gain knowledge, experience, and, best of all, S◎L.

    Compete for prizes

    Trails gamifies learning. Through its Frontier Program, it pits you against others in friendly competitions. Be the first to gain XP, master walkthroughs, and finish at the top of the leaderboard. If you do, you’ll be rewarded in SOL or SPL tokens.

    Secure whitelist (WL) spots

    Trails works with the top Solana projects to onboard new users. Show them you deserve whitelist (WL) spots by mastering their walkthroughs and earning the maximum amount of XP. If you do, they’ll know. The on-chain activity doesn’t lie…

    How to get started with Trails?

    Alright, explorer. It’s nearly time for us to part ways. But before we do, here’s what you need to know to venture off on your own…

    • Go to trails.fm
    • Connect your wallet
    • Pick a Trail in the Trailhead tab
    • Advance through the Trail step by step

    Alright, now you’re ready.

    Get out there and make us proud!