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Discover the best of Solana on Solarplex

Zac Glover

    Builders build. But who builds for builders? On Solana, it’s Solarplex. This web3 Reddit helps builders connect with their communities, get user feedback, and access news and information.

    Here’s what you need to know.


    What is Solarplex?

    Solarplex is a Solana social app. It connects builders, users, and other community members to discover and develop high-quality products. Builders post their projects and request feedback. Users test them, leave comments, and upvote their favorites. And the community benefits from the curation and development of the best new products on Solana. But it’s not limited to only products…

    Solarplex also curates the most relevant news too. How? A mix of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intervention (...HI?). Solarplex’s bot crawls important sources of Solana news and uses machine learning to create headlines and feed them to you. As for the human side, you’ll post news stories and upvote both the human- and AI-curated posts. Got a preference between the two? Toggle to the one you like more.

    Other than products and news, there’s also forums for ideas and AMAs. Use them to brainstorm new products, jam with others, and connect with founders and tinkerers. As you contribute, you’ll earn beautiful collectible stamps that unlock digital and real-life experiences.

    Why use Solarplex?

    Discover the best of Solana

    What’s hot in Solana? You’ll find it on Solarplex. The community works together to post, promote, and propel the best ideas, projects, and more. You’ll discover products on the rise, get to know the builders behind them, and even contribute to their development through feedback.

    Keep up with the latest news

    Web3 moves fast. So, it can be hard to keep up with all the Solana news. But not with Solarplex. Community members share the newest stories and upvote the most relevant ones. With each upvote (and downvote), the algorithm learns to identify and surface the best topics. And you? You stay in the know without scouring Twitter all day.

    Contribute to the community

    Solarplex doesn’t work without you, the community. Post projects, share stories and ideas, provide feedback, join AMAs, and send replies and upvotes. Each time you do, you contribute to the development of the Solana ecosystem. Plus, as a bonus, your activity will help you climb Solarplex’s leaderboard and earn rewards and recognition. It’s a win-win.

    Solarplex Community Leaderboard

    How to get started with Solarplex?

    Ready to dig in? You can do so without spending any SOL.

    Go to Solarplex’s feed to see what’s relevant on Solana right now. You’ll likely find a mix of news (/p/news), products (/p/showcase), and tips (/p/learn). Explore what interests you most. Read the top stories, browse the trending products, and learn through the various tutorials. If you approve, let the poster or creator know with a comment or upvote. It’ll help them reach more people and advance the ecosystem, which will benefit everyone—all the buildooors and community membooors.

    To get the most out of Solarplex, you'll want to use Phantom. Don't have it yet? Download Phantom now