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Top Solana marketplaces to explore

Zac Glover
    Solana Top Marketplaces to Explore

    Solana has built a reputation for its user-friendly design, quick transactions, and low costs. And its marketplaces aren’t any different. Of all the great ones, these three marketplaces stand out above the rest.

    Exchange Art


    Many marketplaces focus on profile picture NFTs (PFPs). But not Exchange.art. As its name gives away, this marketplace specializes in digital art. Fine digital art.

    When you visit Exchange.art, it’s like stepping foot into a digital art gallery. The rotating collection highlights fine art pieces from masterful artists. The curated series features handpicked works across the Solana ecosystem. And the filters make observing different pieces as simple as moving from one room to the next. It’s a tasteful experience.

    Fragmented Expressions by Archie Morley
    Fragmented Expressions by Archie Morley
    Cine-Stills: Act II- After Dark by nev.in.color
    Cine-Stills: Act II- After Dark by nev.in.color

    And unlike traditional galleries, this one’s social. Visit creator and collector profiles, and follow your favorites. Scour the leaderboard to compare the top users in various art categories. And, if you’re feeling inspired, create or collect your way into the top of the charts.

    If you’re looking to build an NFT collection full of pieces that deserve a spot on your wall as much as in your wallet, check out Exchange.art.

    Magic Eden Popular Collections

    Magic Eden

    When this OG marketplace launched in September 2021, there were already existing players. But two short months later, it became the #1 marketplace on Solana (and second overall behind OpenSea). For good reason.

    Magic Eden (ME) understands the NFT community (and its lingo) as well as any brand. There are creators, collectors, and traders. And it appeals to all three.

    For creators, Creator Hub has easy-to-use tools for you to launch, promote, and grow your project. You’ll list your NFT collection, add it to the drop calendar, and *fingers crossed* get featured in Launchpad—ME’s exclusive minting platform and marketing service.

    Beans by Raposa NFT
    ME Launchpad: Kups by Raposa
    Plat Eats Pass
    ME Launchpad: Plato Eats Pass

    For collectors, ME’s simple interface and careful curation make it easy to build your collection. Start by browsing the homepage where you can see popular collections, upcoming drops, and trending announcements. When you find an NFT you like, consider placing a bid (rather than buying it outright) to snag it for a discount.

    For traders, the data is particularly useful. Filter collections by price, sales, time period, supply, owners, and more. On specific NFTs, check the overview to see trait rarity, SOL price history, and other insights. Pro tip: Analyze the NFT’s sales history and previous offers to formulate your own winning offer.

    Tensor Trade


    Whereas Magic Eden is a broad-based marketplace, Tensor focuses on traders. The trading platform boasts an edgy design that emphasizes its advanced features: real-time data, candlestick charts, and automated market making (AMM) pools for NFTs. Plus, to sweeten the deal, Tensor rewards your activity. Make trades. Place bids. Provide liquidity. Get rewards such as NFT airdrops and mystery boxes. The more active you are, the more you earn.

    Not a heavy trader? Toggle Tensor’s “pro” interface to its “Lite” one for a more simple, visual design. Either way, if you consider yourself a trader, Tensor might be the right option for you.

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