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App Spotlight: mint.fun

Zac Glover

    NFTs are fun. Paying a small fortune for one? Not so fun. Fortunately, the rise of low-cost NFT platforms are making NFTs more accessible than ever. Of these platforms, mint.fun is one to know.

    What is mint.fun?

    mint.fun is an NFT mint aggregator. It curates trending NFT mints on Ethereum in one simple interface. On its feed, you’ll discover cool NFTs mints and relevant details: price, description, mint history, unique minters, max supply, and more. When you mint, the NFT will arrive in your wallet as it would with any NFT marketplace. But there’s a twist. On mint.fun, your activity earns rewards. By minting, selling NFTs, and referring frens, you’ll get “!fun” points and exclusive drops. Note: You'll need to buy a !fundrop pass NFT to earn rewards.

    The team behind mint.fun is Context, a web3 development company. Before launching mint.fun, Context built Context.app, a social feed for Ethereum. The project has since been shut down but many of its core elements live on in mint.fun.

    minting now page on mint.fun
    mint.fun trending mints

    Why use mint.fun?

    Buy cheap NFTs

    One of the biggest issues with NFTs is that some of them are so expensive you need to sell an organ to afford them. Not on mint.fun. You’ll find high-quality NFTs that are cheap. Every NFT is under 0.1 ETH, and some are even free. Although, you may have to pay a “platform fee” or minor transaction fee.

    Get offers for your NFTs

    In the ‘Offers’ tab, you’ll see which NFTs in your wallet have offers across all marketplaces. Browse and compare your offers and accept the ones that are right for you. Or continue to HODL until better offers come along.

    mint.fun user profile activity
    Follow the activity of other wallets

    Follow your frens

    mint.fun is social. Search for creator and project profiles, follow your favorites, and see what they’ve minted and/or created. The profiles you follow will show in your ‘Following’ tab, making it easy to stalk their mints...

    Get rewarded

    Your credit card company isn't the only one that rewards you for what's in your wallet. mint.fun does too. When you mint NFTs, increase your daily minting streak, accept offers, and perform other actions, you’ll earn !fun points and drops. Your score and minting streak will show in your !funpass NFT.

    How to get started with mint.fun?

    Like other low-cost NFT platforms, with mint.fun, the barrier to entry is low. The best (and funnest) way to get started is to buy an NFT. Scroll the homepage until you find one that catches your eye, connect your Phantom wallet, then mint!

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