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Sappy Seals has a grand plan to conquer the metaverse

Zac Glover
Sappy Seals

    Seals are cute. So, they must be harmless, right? Wrong. Behind the chubby cheeks and puppy-dog eyes is an aquatic mammal capable of doing damage. Serious damage. And just like its real-world counterparts, Sappy Seals is the same. Behind its adorable PFPs and amusing roll call is a hidden plan to sink its teeth into the metaverse. Haven’t heard? Read on to learn more about Sappy Seals and its grand plan.

    Sappy Seals NFT from holder @Tractodoteth
    Sappy Seals: @Tractodoteth
    Sappy Seals NFT from holder @PenguinSp4ce
    Sappy Seals: @PenguinSp4ce

    What is Sappy Seals?

    Sappy Seals is an Ethereum-native NFT collection of 10,000 seals. It was founded in September 2021 by wab (@wabdoteth), and "a few mates,” after being inspired by the cuteness of Pudgy Penguins, which explains their similarities. Since launch, the seals have made some noise in web3 (ARF ARF). How? By developing a community-led project with cute art, strong meme culture, and an accessible, tech-savvy founder.

    "ARF" – wab

    Like its pudgy predecessors, Sappy Seals has a cute art style. It features chubby mammals with adorable cheeks and whiskers and a diverse set of fun traits. Each seal sports accessories such as hats, headbands, durags, tees, glasses, and more. Some of the funner traits include mushroom heads, skeleton masks, and pumpkin heads. If you want a good laugh, check out its rare 1:1s.

    Drake-inspired Sappy Seals 1:1 NFT: Sappy Seals Drizzy
    Sappy Seals: Drizzy
    Sappy Seals 1:1: Gigachad
    Sappy Seals: Gigachad

    Now, onto the meme culture. Since the beginning, memes have been an essential part of Sappy Seals, so much so that it released a new meme every hour on Twitter for two months straight. And it doesn’t stop there. The team also created the Meme Machine to empower its community to manufacture memes at scale. Think of it like a McDonald’s of memes, just spitting out meme after meme like they’re Quarter Pounders…

    How did this all come about? wab. wab is a former computer science student that dropped out of his master’s program to go full time with Sappy Seals. And he hasn’t stopped since. He’s constantly listening to, and engaging with, his community, and formulating his plan. And it’s a grand one. Through Pixl Labs, Sappy Seals’ parent company, wab and team plan to take over the metaverse. How? By developing Pixlverse, a 3D metaverse filled with Pokémon-inspired pets that battle, breed, and more.

    Don’t believe us? The team shared this cryptic image which alludes to their plan for world domination.

    Sappy Seals "The Grand Plan" image
    Sappy Seals' Grand Plan

    Why collect Sappy Seals?

    Pick up a memeworthy PFP

    Sappy Seals aren’t only cute and fun, they can supercharge your digital identity. With the Meme Machine, you can browse and create hundreds of custom memes starring your seal. Want to be a insightful threadoor? Degenerate tradoor? Simple reply guy? You have the tools to craft your personal brand around it.

    Sappy Seals' meme machine blog image on Phantom's website - NFT Spotlight
    Meme Machine

    Earn $PIXL every day via staking

    When you stake your seal, you earn $PIXL every day. How much? Up to 500 $PIXL, depending on your seal’s rarity. $PIXL is the ERC20 token that powers the Pixlverse. You’ll use it to mint and buy exclusive gaming NFTs, participate in gamified DeFi protocols, and breed, battle and train your Pixl Pets.

    Get direct access to the founder

    Unlike many other NFT projects, Sappy Seals has an accessible and receptive founder. You’ll find him replying to holders, boosting member posts, and empowering the community. One seal at a time.

    If you ever have any feedback or concerns, remember: @wabdoteth is only one tweet away.

    How to get started with Sappy Seals?

    Ready to join the Sappy community? We’ll help you seal the deal. Here’s how…

    • Go to OpenSea or Blur
    • Browse available Sappy Seals
    • Find the one you like most
    • Buy your favorite!

    That’s it, you just joined the Sappy Seals.

    Now, ARF along...

    Cuz I’m Sappy by @PhantomphreakE