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Blue-chip Solana NFTs

Zac Glover
    Blue-chip Solana NFTs

    Web3 is seasonal. Solana Summer turns to Crypto Winter. And when it does, hot projects cool off and some migrate. But others are atemporal. They stick around as time passes and conditions change. These are the blue chips of Solana. And here’s what you need to know about them…

    Degenerate Ape Academy (DAA)

    Before Degenerate Ape Academy launched in August 2021, Solana had yet to establish itself for NFTs. But DAA changed that. Within minutes of its mint, all 10,000 apes sold out. And shortly after, SOL hit a new all-time high. Since then, DAA became Solana’s first million-dollar collection and helped it develop a thriving NFT ecosystem.

    DAA 6839
    DAA 4769

    What’s the a-peel?

    DAA is a 10K PFP collection featuring brash 3D apes. Their playful apparel contrasts their uninviting facial expressions. For example, floral crowns decorate scowling faces and straw hats sit atop mean mugs. Adding to the intrigue, many apes are clenching a snack between their teeth. For some, it’s the expected banana. For most, it’s high-calorie comfort foods such as donuts, pizza, and burgers (yum).

    By “enrolling” in the academy (aka buying a Degen Ape), you gain access to the Degeniverse and the Degen DAOO. Why does it matter? Not only will you own a valuable digital asset, and full IP rights, you’ll also get other benefits: voting rights, exclusive merch, NFT giveaways, and more.

    What do you think? Time to ape-in?

    The Zeitgeist Episode 10 - CrassKitty - Degenerate Ape Academy Co-Founder

    The Zeitgeist - Episode 10

    CrassKitty - Degenerate Ape Academy Co-Founder

    Solana Monkey Business (SMB)

    Solana Monkey Business is one of the monkey marquee NFT collections on Solana. First launched in June 2021, SMB Gen1 featured four space-themed monkey NFTs. Each theme had a small, limited supply and the collection had 205 NFTs total. While this first collection was well-received, it’s SMB’s second iteration that propelled it to blue-chip status.

    SMB Gen2 is a 5K collection of pixelated primates. Each monkey is randomly generated from 99 possible traits. The most common are colored monkeys and the rarer versions are zombies, aliens, and skeletons. You’ll see them sporting backwards caps, headphones, masks, VR glasses, or other fun accessories. The rarest of all—a skeleton monkey with a bejeweled crown—sold for a record 13,027 SOL ($2.1 million, at the time), which stands as the most expensive Solana-NFT sale to date.

    SMB 2849
    SMB 1771

    What makes SMB special?

    To start, the quality of its community. SMB has a rich community of Solana buildooors and high-profile holders. Members include SOL Big Brain, Anatoly Yakovenko, Alexis Ohanian, Ros Gold-Onwude, and Steve Harvey. So, when you buy a monkey, you gain access to this growing network of power players. Plus, with regular Monke Meetups (subsidized by the DAO)—who knows?—maybe you’ll rub (furry) elbows with them. But even if not, there are other benefits.

    SMB gives you voting rights through MonkeDAO and investment opportunities through MonkeVentures. You’ll influence the project’s decisions and (ideally) grow your bags. Even if you’re not as powerful as the other primates, with SMB’s help, you can climb the social hierarchy.

    Both DAA and SMB are available on your favorite Solana NFT Marketplaces and look great in your Phantom wallet.

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