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Discover breakout web3 artists on Foundation

Zac Glover

    You can’t create without basic building blocks. And when it comes to digital art, Foundation is providing them. Here’s what you should know about this artsy NFT platform with a suite of creator tools.

    What is Foundation?

    Foundation is an art-focused NFT platform on Ethereum. It offers web3-native tools to collectors, creators, and curators of digital art. Some of its tools include Drops, Editions, and Worlds.

    Drops is a no-code solution to create up to 10,000 NFTs for the cost of minting one. Schedule your drop, randomize your art reveal, and easily split sales with collaborators. With Editions, you can issue various copies of a single artwork. Upload your art, select the number of editions, and set your minting price and duration. As for Worlds, it’s an intriguing feature inspired by the traditional art world. Worlds are user-curated exhibitions. You’ll curate art from various sellers (or based on a theme), set your curator fee, and share in the sales.

    Foundation was founded by Kayvon Tehranian and Matthew Vernon in 2020.

    Home is where the heart is? by @alizejireh
    Foundation Drop: Home is where the heart is? by @alizejireh
    Foundation Drop: gateway to cosmic touch by @elliepritts

    Why use Foundation?

    Discover amazing art and artists

    Foundation’s team of tastemakers and community curators surface what’s hot in digital art. You’ll find trendy artworks, talented creators, and conceptual exhibitions. And who knows? You may find the next Beeple or XCOPY before everyone else.

    Own and profit from your work

    When you create and share digital art on Foundation, you own it. Not the platform or a money-hungry middleman. As for finances, you’ll profit from both your initial sales and secondary market sales (10% royalty). Plus, you can showcase your work in curators’ worlds for extra income.

    Curate your favorite art

    Got top-notch taste? Show it off with Worlds. Define your concept, invite sellers to showcase their pieces, and split the profits. The more you build your brand and reputation, the more you’ll earn.

    Foundation Drops

    How to get started with Foundation?

    To get started, we recommend a few simple steps. First, check out the art. Foundation showcases an array of striking art pieces for you to admire—for free. Next, browse featured drops, worlds, and collections. Why? You may discover an artist on the rise, chance upon a hidden gem, or find the perfect piece for your collection. Lastly, collect what you connect with. Although the art is elevated, that doesn’t mean the prices are too. Most pieces are less than 0.5 ETH, and many are below 0.05!

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