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Introducing PXL WRLD’s inaugural cohort of pixel artists

Zac Glover

    We’ve teamed up with Exchange Art and Shanksy to create PXL WRLD, a virtual hub for Solana pixel artists. For our inaugural cohort, we’re showcasing the work of Shanksy and three other amazing artists that you need to know. Check them out.


    Twitter: @5hanksy

    Shanksy is a pixel artist and the founder of Pixel Industries, an independent gaming studio. Having grown up in the 90s, he developed a passion for Game Boy games, which led him to create his own. Through his novel “NFTRoms” method, he creates custom game roms built directly into NFTs.

    Shanksy Infinite Loop
    Shanksy Creck


    Twitter: @DuckzzyOG

    Duckzzy is a Solana artist from Indonesia. His art centers around yellow rubber ducks in a variety of scenes and forms, such as pixel art, vector, digital paintings, and more. Even more impressive is that Duckzzy creates most of his art on his phone.

    duckzzy axolotl monster
    Duckzzy popperz gif on phantom.app


    Twitter: @HeartyHomies

    Hearty is a web3 pixel artist who has made Solana his home. His art used to focus on the stigma revolving around mental health but now it more closely represents his own struggle around mental health—expressed through pixels.

    Hearty Blunt Warrior
    Hearty Evolved


    Twitter: @alexa_cooks

    Alexa is a self-taught pixel artist and film photographer. He started creating pixel art in 2022, due to zen0m’s and marculino’s art challenge, and found the process thoroughly enjoyable. Since then, he has launched a tamagotchis-inspired 1/1 series with Alexagotchis and collaborated with projects such as Doggos and The Neekos on 1/1s and pNFTs.

    alex kiritotchi
    alex doggos collab