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Boost your Magic Eden Diamond Rewards with Phantom

Will Thompson
magic eden quest

    Calling all degens, collectors, and traders! We teamed up with Magic Eden to bring you our biggest and best Quest yet. Starting today, you can earn Magic Eden Diamonds right from your Phantom wallet.

    How? Just list a Solana NFT on Magic Eden from Phantom each week for four weeks and become eligible to earn a portion of two million Diamonds.

    Now before you rush off in search of diamond riches, there are a few more details you need to know…

    How to participate

    1. Enable the Magic Eden Diamond Quest in Phantom Explore
    2. List one NFT per week on ME from Phantom using the “List on Magic Eden” feature.
    3. Receive a portion of the 500,000 Diamonds at the end of each week to your ME account.
      • For example: If 10,000 Phantom users participate in a week, each user will get 50 Diamonds.


    • The quest will run for four weeks from April 15th-May 12th
    • Each week, a new batch of 500,000 Diamond rewards will be available:
      • Week 1: April 15 - 21
      • Week 2: April 22 - 28
      • Week 3: April 29 - May 5
      • Week 4: May 6 - May 12

    How to list NFTs on Magic Eden from Phantom

    1. Choose any Solana NFT in your Phantom wallet that’s in the top 100 collections on Magic Eden.
    2. Select the “List” button below the NFT image
    3. Enter your List Price and select “Next”
    4. Review the details and select “List Now”
    5. That’s it! Once your listing is created, you’ll be eligible to earn a portion of that week’s available Diamond rewards.

    Rewards eligibility

    • You must first enable the Quest in Phantom before listing NFTs to be eligible to earn Diamonds.
    • You must use the “List on Magic Eden” feature in Phantom to earn a portion of each week’s rewards. Look for the “List” button on details page of the NFT in your Phantom wallet.
    • Listings must be in the top 100 Solana NFT collections (in the last 6 hours from time of listing) on Magic Eden.
    • Have multiple accounts? No problem You can earn diamond rewards on any account as long as you enable the quest first.
    • Only one NFT listing per week per account will be eligible for rewards. Listing more than 1 NFT from the same account in one week will not grant you additional rewards.

    Rewards distribution

    • Diamonds will be delivered to your Magic Eden account at the end of each week (4 weeks total).
    • Once the Diamonds have been distributed, you can see them by connecting your Phantom wallet to Magic Eden.
    • Diamonds will not show up in your Phantom wallet and are only viewable by connecting your wallet to Magic Eden.

    Want to learn more about the Magic Eden rewards? Read ME's announcement, and get more details on all the ways you can earn rewards on Magic Eden in their help center article.

    Happy listing!