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Introducing Shortcuts

Zac Glover
Phantom Shortcuts feature blog image on the Phantom website

    There’s a problem with NFTs that most don’t talk about.

    Once you collect them, they just sit in your wallet, leaving you to wonder…

    What’s next?

    What can I do with this?

    Where can I find more information?

    Not anymore.

    Today, we’re launching Shortcuts to help you see, and do, all that’s possible with your NFTs.

    The Linktree of NFTs

    Rather than scour Google and Twitter for your NFT collections’ official websites, social media accounts, and chat groups, they come to you. With one click, you can pull up a menu with all the top links and actions for your NFT, right from your wallet. Each one is added by the project itself so you can feel confident that it came from a trusted source. Depending on what the project chooses, you may see links to its Twitter, Discord, and/or Telegram, or to its leaderboard, staking platform, or “points parlor,” or to a new mint or drop. Either way, all links and actions will be aggregated in Shortcuts—our handy new popup menu that helps you discover all that you can do with your NFTs.

    Do more with your NFTs

    We’re committed to helping you do more with your NFTs. Previously, this meant allowing you to list and sell them instantly from your wallet. But now, it means more. Much more. Shortcuts brings you closer to the projects behind your NFTs so you can:

    • Stake
    • Mint
    • Chat
    • Vote
    • Play games
    • Tip creators
    • Follow social media accounts
    • Join Discord and Telegram groups

    All from the NFT in your wallet.

    A beta test with the best

    As with many of our launches, for Shortcuts, we’re starting with a beta test. Why? To ensure a safe, high-quality experience. So, the Shortcuts you see today may look different than the Shortcuts of tomorrow, as we’ll continue to iterate as we go. For now, you can use Shortcuts with our five trusted, vetted parters (with more coming soon).

    Shortcuts launch partners:

    If you own collectibles from any of the above launch partners, you can use Shortcuts to do more with your NFTs. However, as with our other features, we want you to have full control over your experience. So, if you don’t want to use Shortcuts, no problem. You can toggle off Shortcuts by going to “Security & Privacy” in Settings.

    More to come

    We know, we know… not everyone owns NFTs from our launch partners. Don’t worry, we’ve got four more projects coming soon: Claynosaurz, Degenerate Ape Academy, DeGods, and The Heist. Plus, based on how this initial beta goes, we'll look into adding more projects in the future. And maybe, one day, open up Shortcuts to everyone….

    Interested in adding Shortcuts to your collection? Let us know.