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BoDoggos NFT collection is a content machine

Zac Glover

    Move over Dogecoin, there’s a new dawg on the bark-chain. And it goes by the name of BoDoggos. This dog-themed Solana NFT collection is winning over collectors’ hearts with its adorable art, cool content, and more.

    Here’s what you need to know about these puppies.

    What is BoDoggos?

    BoDoggos is an 8,888 PFP collection on Solana. Launched in June 2023 (after six months in development), it features dog-themed art with clean colors and line work. Each of its playful pups contains an endearing mix of up to five traits: eyes, mouth, fur, hat, and/or outfit. You’ll find them sporting cool graphic tees, fun hats, cute companions, trendy glasses, and more. Not to forget puppy-dog eyes!

    BoDoggo #6145 on Phantom's website
    BoDoggos #6145
    BoDoggo #2927 on Phantom's website
    BoDoggos #2927

    Other than its common NFTs, BoDoggos also contains rare 1:1s. 14 of them. These “Doggy Deities”—inspired by BoDoggo’s main character Buddy—differ from the pack due to their edgy art. They have sharp lines, bold colors, and elemental themes, such as water, fire, earth, lightning, rock, and space. One of our favorites is “Bad Buddy,” which is a punk version that flaunts a gold chain, spiky hair, mischievous grin, and fiery eyes.

    Bodoggos 1:1: Celestio NFT #7482
    BoDoggos 1:1: Celestio
    Bodoggos 1:1: Bad Buddy NFT #2762
    BoDoggos 1:1: Bad Buddy

    BoDoggos early success can be traced back to its founder Easy (@easyeatsbodega). Easy is a well-known member of the Solana community with a background in content and market analysis. He’s also a partner at The Nifty, a web3 content company with free NFT mints. With its NFT drop platform, daily newsletter, and podcast, The Nifty serves as an effective distribution channel for BoDoggos. In return, BoDoggos provides The Nifty with IP to power its content engine in the form of NFT art, comics, and more.

    Why collect BoDoggos?

    Pick up a PFP (profile puppy)

    These fun pups make great PFPs. They’ve got clean art, nice colors, and cool traits. There are Pepe-inspired BoDoggos, flaming-hot BoDoggos, backpacking BoDoggos, superhero BoDoggos, Skeleton BoDoggos, and more.

    Browse to find the BoDoggo that best represents you.

    BoDoggo #2415 on Phantom's website
    BoDoggos #2415
    BoDoggos #978 on Phantom's website
    BoDoggos #978

    Buy rare 1:1s

    It’s not common for a project to pull off amazing 1:1 art within a broader PFP collection. But BoDoggos did. The Doggo Deities aligns with the overall brand while standing out on its own. Its art is striking, and its vibe is upscale. Pick one up to impress your frens.

    Enjoy daily dog art

    BoDoggos NFT comic art

    With close ties to The Nifty, it shouldn’t be a surprise that BoDoggos is a content machine. Comic art. Lore. Storytelling. NFT mints. These are just a few things to expect from the team. Follow BoDoggos on social media and sign up to The Nifty to get fun daily art from your favorite dog pack.

    How to get started with BoDoggos?

    Ready to adopt a furry friend?

    • Go to Magic Eden
    • Browse the BoDoggos collection
      • You'll see there are plenty of dogs looking for a home. :/
    • Connect your wallet
    • Buy your favorite

    That’s it. Your BoDoggo will pop up in your wallet. And who knows, it might just become your fur-ever NFT.