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Get instant access to DRiP with Phantom

Zac Glover
DRiP Quest blog image on Phantom's website

    Web3 should be safe, easy, and fun to discover, so we’re giving you instant access to DRiP, the NFT drop platform.

    Now, with the Phantom app, you can get instant access to DRiP without an access code. Plus, as a bonus, both new and existing DRiP users can also claim an exclusive Phantom collectible.

    Intrigued? Read on to learn more.

    DRiP Quest blog image displaying the DRiP Quest in the Phantom mobile app

    What is DRiP?

    DRiP is an NFT drop platform. It gives you free Solana collectibles every week from top artists, creators, and influencers. What kind of collectibles? Art, music, comics, games, PFPs, animations, podcasts, and more.

    How to participate

    To complete this quest, you must have a balance of 0.1 SOL. Need funds? You can:

    1. Buy SOL in Phantom using MoonPay or Coinbase
    2. Deposit SOL in Phantom from an exchange

    Now, for the quest…

    Step 1: Open the Phantom app

    Step 2: Go to the (🌐) tab

    Step 3: Select the DRiP Quest

    Step 4: Press “Start”

    DRiP Quest how to blog image

    Step 5: Connect your wallet and make a free transaction to subscribe to DRiP

    DRiP Quest landing page blog image

    Step 6: Press “Claim” on the Quests tab (🌐) to get your exclusive collectible

    DRiP Quest claim collectible blog image

    That's it, you just completed your first quest! You’ll automatically be subscribed to Showcase, the original free art drop curated by the DRiP team.

    What else you can do with DRiP

    Showcase is just the beginning—there’s even more to explore on DRiP. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Discover and subscribe to creators
      • With 35+ channels (and counting), there’s something for everyone on DRiP. Each channel drops free collectibles on a regular basis. And some of those collectibles unlock new experiences, music, and games.
    • Play a daily mini-game to upgrade your NFT rarity
      • Log in to DRiP and play its daily mini-game for a chance to upgrade your NFT rarity tier. In Legendary Lock-in, you’ll open a treasure chest to try to secure a Rare or Legendary piece for the next Showcase drop.
    • Say thanks with creator donations
      • Thank your favorite creators with a donation, and get a special badge for your profile. And depending on the creator, your donation could help you secure a Rare or Legendary piece.
    • Stay active to earn Droplets
      • Each time you receive a drop from a DRiP creator, you spend a Droplet. You can earn more Droplets by signing into the DRiP app, subscribing to new channels, playing Legendary Lock-In, listening to music, watching videos, reading comics, and saying thanks.

    Vibhu Norby and Degen Poet - DRiP

    The Zeitgeist Episode 31

    Vibhu Norby and Degen Poet - DRiP